Veronica Mars may return on Hulu where dreams do come true


Veronica Mars was canceled way too soon, and while it was nice to get the movie (note: I helped kickstart it), that didn’t really make anyone all that satisfied. But Hulu is possibly coming to the rescue. Sources tell Variety that both star Kristen Bell and showrunner Rob Thomas are in talks to relaunch the series on the streaming service.

Hurray for the rebirth of old shows! OK, not really. A lot of times that reboots suck, but in this case, the show actually deserves more screentime. It’s all in very early stages so the entire thing could fall through like a murder case against an aging actor. There’s also no word on who else would be returning, but considering the rest of the cast isn’t really up to all that much in terms of consistent TV work we’d place a solid bet on almost everyone coming back. 

Evidently one of the issues complicating the deal is the fact that Bell is starring in The Good Place and that makes shooting new Veronica Mars episodes pretty difficult. They’d have to do a limited series of 8-10 episodes to make it work reportedly. In most situations I’d be angry at The Good Place for keeping us away from more Veronica Mars, but that show is so damn good too I just can’t be.  

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Matthew Razak
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