Veronica Mars premiered early as a birthday gift to Kristen Bell


As many fans were surprised to learn, the revived fourth season of Veronica Mars premiered a week earlier than was announced. Be it a lucky coincidence or Hulu flicking a switch early, having more Kristen Bell in our lives is never a bad thing, so no one really questioned what happened. As it turns out, there was a reason for the expedited premiere.

In a recent interview with Comic Book, Bell revealed that Hulu pushed the fourth season of Mars up a week as a birthday gift to the star. Before the premiere, guest star Mike Ausiello had asked Bell if she received everything she wanted for her birthday. “The answer was no,” Bell stated. “One of the things I wanted for my birthday because I celebrate all month was for people to see and enjoy the show that we worked really hard on and that I just hope they’re entertained by and love again, and I just called him out and said ‘drop it right now if you love me’ and they did it.”

I don’t think the quote really captures the happy side of Bell all that well, but it’s nice to hear that Hulu had enough faith in the show to gift it early to the world. Bell is a delight, even if her films aren’t always the best, so I’m happy she was able to have the best birthday possible this year. Maybe next year we can get another season of Veronica Mars for her birthday.

Kristen Bell Reveals Why Hulu Surprised Everyone With Veronica Mars Premiere [Comic Book]

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