Video essay: Why was Steven Seagal such a big deal back in the day?


One day, when society lays in waste and all that is left are the ruins of our great works, another civilization--perhaps from another planet--will sort through our cultural dross and ask an important question: “Why was Steven Seagal a thing? What was the appeal?”

The book Seagalogy by Vern did a good job of explaining some key aspects of Steven Seagal. Now we have this new video essay from action movie aficionado Rossatron that’s genuinely decent. (Take a shot each time you hear that phrase.) The video discusses the era of peak Seagal in the late 80s and early 90s, when the squinting aikido man with a ponytail was at the height of his success.

Give the video essay a watch below.

What Was The Appeal Of Steven Seagal?

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