Vin Diesel may be the Last Witch Hunter, wears tank tops


Vin Diesel is going from a fast car drivin’, triple x-in’, babysittin’, weird eye havin’, tank top wearin’ badass to a witch hunter just like those other guys. According to reports from The Wrap, Vin Diesel is in talks to star in The Last Witch Hunter directed by Breck Eisner (who isn’t entirely too awful). 

Apparently the script for The Last Witch Hunter has been blacklisted since 2010 and going by a short plot summary, I can kind of see why. According to The Wrap, the story revolves around “the last remaining witch hunter who must stop a witch uprising in modern day manhattan.” So…yeah. The whole thing kind of sounds like of one those random bargain bin DVDs that comes out when a big budget film releases to steal some of the money from it (remember Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies?).

I’m not seeing The Last Witch Hunter go anywhere from here. Since this thing will probably get made, it’s going to get swallowed up by other, better flicks. Who knows, maybe this is just that Pitch Black sequel that’s been floating around and the story went in a weird direction? 

[The Wrap, via Indiewire]