Vince Vaughan investigates The Risk Agent


Having seemingly dedicated the bulk of his career to playing one type of character in one type of comedy, Vince Vaughan may finally be looking to try his hand at something new. He’s bought the rights to novel The Risk Agent, a thriller set in China about an American agent (whom Vaughan is thinking of portraying) having to team up and (yes) overcome his differences with a Chinese forensic specialist before a set of hostages are executed. Vaughan’s production company has a deal with Universal and plans to develop a script for them.

If you’re thinking the novel’s plot sounds as generic as can be, you’d be right, but it could turn out to be a canny business move from Vaughan. Hollywood is making a big push into China right now and a commercial genre pic showing the two nations teaming up could be just the thing to overcome the notorious restrictions on the number of American movies allowed to be shown in the Communist country.

[via EMPIRE]