Viral marketing reveals Mission Icefly


The only viral marketing campaign I actually wish I’d been a part of literally dropped at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Shortly before the band Arcade Fire took the stage, blue lights calmly rained down from the sky and while it isn’t clear from this video what they were, if anything, beyond  coptering penlights, the event was edited together in a far out little video.

That video was distributed to various media outlets, who still have no idea what to make of it, but a near-subliminal epilogue features a scrambled man pictured speaking. That man looks a hellova lot like Terry O’ Quinn. For a clear screencap and a bit more info, click here.

[Via Collider]

Best known for the best character on the best television series ever made, O’ Quinn hasn’t really had much going on since he bought himself diamond encrusted flip flops after his LOST pay raise. The actor had a habit of telling interviewers that he looked forward to doing theater in between seasons, but I found no evidence of that ever occurring, leaving Evangeline Lilly as the only one to come out of that show with steady work. It remains to be seen how prevalent Josh Holloway will be in Mission Impossible.

So what’s Mission Icefly? So far it’s just a pair of websites. counts down to October 1st and makes your brain explode if read it for more than thirty eight seconds. Fun.