Voltron sparks a bidding war: “It’s a lion, it’s huge!”


You guys remember when the Internet briefly thought Cloverfield was going to be a stealth Voltron movie? Man, 2008, am I right?

It may be closer to reality then we realize. The rights to Voltron were purchased by World Events, with a TV series titled Voltron Force coming on Nickelodeon in May. The studio also has the rights to a feature version as well. A script has been written by Conan reboot writers Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, and a bidding war has broken out to finance the picture. The current frontrunner is Relativity Media, who is also financing David Fincher’s upcoming Americanized Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. There is still question as to whether or not Relativity, or whoever finances the picture, will be the ones to produce it or if World Events will utilize their pre-existing tie to Viacom and have Paramount produce.

Meanwhile, enjoy some concept art that was leaked to JoBlo last fall. You can find those in the gallery.

[Via Vulture, via JoBlo]