Wan approaching Fast & Furious 7 as 70’s revenge film


Now that Fast & Furious 6 has come and gone (thank god for fast cars and #FAMILY), it’s time to rev into full gear for Fast Se7en releasing next Summer. James Wan (who’s taking over as director for Justin Lin), currently in his PR run for The Conjuring, has some very big shoes to fill. Since the Fast series has reached a fine balance between cheese and fine movie making, just where can the seventh installment go?

Speaking with Indiewire, Wan already has a theme in mind: 

I really like the theme of this next one that we’re going with. I can’t really talk about it, but I like the theme; it’s one that I really relate to…Then there’s the drive of Number Seven, which was set up at the end of Number Six, which is a classic revenge story. I’m a big [genre] fan, so that’s how I’m approaching it: I’m looking at it like a gritty, ’70s revenge thriller, but one that still fits into the Fast and Furious series.

I’m a little worried here. Make the series too gritty and it’s ruined since the reason the stupid action is so fun to watch is because of its commitment to absurdity. But given the special addition to the franchise, a revenge film makes perfect, albeit predictable, sense. 

[via Indiewire]