Want an Alita 2? Battle Angel’s producer has some ideas on that


The Alita Army shall be bringing their wishes to Disney!

The Alita Army, as you may have guessed, is a group of passionate fans that have been campaigning to make Alita 2 a reality. The Alita Army has tweeted for a sequel and even signed a petition in hopes of getting one greenlit and we all know how often petitions work outAlita: Battle Angel had a generally positive response when it released. I agree with Flixist’s own Jesse Lab’s evaluation of 7.5 for the film. It was a fun movie with great potential to develop the world in sequels. Alita did $404.8 million dollars worldwide, but that may not have been big enough to warrant a sequel, with an estimated budget of $200 million, it just may not have made the kind of money that inspires studios to risk more money on continuing the series. However, what could help bring about a sequel is to keep letting Disney know you want more, according to producer Jon Landau.

“What I think the Alita Army should do is keep peppering our family now at Disney and [let them know] how important it is to have another Alita movie and hopefully we’ll venture there one day.”

So there you have it. Bug Disney until they cave and give you what you want! That’s an exaggeration, but in a time when fan feedback is being taken seriously by big studios that could be the straw that breaks the camels back. Alita: Battle Angel is a property that might face an uphill battle since it is now under the Disney umbrella. In the merger, a lot of properties were on the table to be continued and Alita is certainly one that might have a possibility of living on. The Kingsman and Deadpool series are alive and well but it’s unclear which other properties have what it takes to make it through. There’s always hope though. As Landau puts it, there were multiple storylines plotted out from the get-go.

“Absolutely. … When Jim [Cameron] was going to direct us, which he was at point, in his mind he had plotted out two additional stories of where we would go very specifically.”

No clues as to the chances of getting a sequel so far, but having the mindset of possible sequels from the outset seems right since Cameron is the unofficial king of sequels. All of the big players from the first film seem keen to return and if they were to manage to get a sequel off the ground then they could pay off some of the big ideas explored and left open in the first film. The Alita Army has its work cut out for themselves maybe, with some luck, they could pull a win for their troops.

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