Want to see Super 8 early for free?


Over the past week, there have been a lot of tweets about the “Super8Secretthat I have largely ignored because most of the Super 8 viral stuff has been unlocking 6 second video clips of nothing. Today, though, the Super 8 Secret was revealed at www.Super8Secret.com, where you can RSVP for a free screening of Super 8 tomorrow, June 8th, in twelve cities: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Seattle, Toronto, Atlanta, San Diego, Orlando, Austin, and Los Angeles. In the text box when you first get to the site, input the password “mint” to get to the RSVP screen. The LA screening is hosted by Alex Billington of First Showing and Peter Sciretta of /Film, both old guard of Internet Movie Journalism. Also, it’s at the Arclight Hollywood, which is basically the best movie theater ever.

So if you live in any of those cities, RSVP, and get there CRAZY early, because this one is gonna fill up quick, and studios ALWAYS overbook these screenings. I will be going to the LA screening, mostly because I’d rather see Super 8 here than in the random Burbank theater I WAS going to see it at. So if you’re there, look for me!

[Via /Film]