Wanted 2: Still Wanting will be a thing, despite all odds


There are very few movies I have not finished by choice. Some get forgotten about, I’ll lose the DVD, or some other nonsense will come up, but some are so bad, I just say “Eff this.” The Girlfriend Experience is one of those rare films I could not get through (more on that at a later date). Another recent entry: Wanted.

The bastardization of Mark Millar’s dark super-satire was literally everything I hate about comic movies. After the first ten minutes, it throws 90% of the source material down the drain in favor of a loom that weaves binary numbers telling people who to kill. Seriously. And it’s getting a sequel. The gods must be crazy hate me.

Derek Haas, co-writer of the first Wanted (and Catch That Kid) tweeted “Michael (Brandt, his writing partner) and I were just hired by Uni to write WANTED 2.” Haas later added that the film is sans director but that the sequel will “take off after the events of what just happened. Pick up Wesley a few years later and go back in for another round.” SuperHeroHype says that it’s implied James McAvoy would return to play Wesley. This makes sense because, y’know, he’s the main character. Then again, it’s Wanted, why should they care about accuracy? This is the same film who referenced/wrote off the main antagonist of the comic, an amazing Joker analogue named Mr. Rictus, in a single line.

Damn it. At least it presumably has at least a year or two before it hits theaters, and if that’s the case, only the sinners will be left after the Mayan Rapture next December. They deserve Wanted 2.

[Via SuperHeroHype]