WarGames does the director and writer thing for almost real this time


WarGames never really stood out to me when I originally saw it back in the day, but its a considered a classic and any 80s classic that exists must get a remake. Thus we’ve had a new one on the dock for a few years now. Back in 2011 Seth Gordon was at the lead to take the helm, but that never took so now Dean Israelite is reportedly close to signing to direct.

You’ve probably never heard of him since he’s done next to nothing, but he’s a popular up-and-comer in Hollywood and his directing debut, Project Almanac, has some positive buzz. Israelite will be joined by Arash Amelt, whose previous credits lean more towards historical drama (Grace of Monaco, Marie Colvin’s Private War) than elite hacker thriller. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the idea of two newbies rebooting a beloved film. Maybe they’ll actually give it something that makes it excusable instead of just a carbon copy.

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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