Warner Bros is working on an Adventure Time movie


This next bit of news is algebraic, slamacow, mathmathical, and all of the other phrases Adventure Time used in the early seasons and threw away later. When we usually get news of a successful kids property getting a full film treatment, it’s met with all sorts of mehs. But luckily, Warner Bros seems to be doing right be this huge cartoon. 

Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward (who will help write and produce the film), is about a 12-14 year old boy named Finn and his morphing dog Jake as they tackle their adventures. The show in later seasons has grown far beyond its simple start, so there’s no telling what the film will take inspiration from. Since it’s still early on, there’s no news as to how the film will look (as in, animation or live action) or if it’ll involve the show’s cast but I’m optimistic. Getting the show creator’s direct involvement is definitely a huge plus. We’ll keep you updated as it happens. 

[via Deadline