Warner Bros. keeps candy train rolling with Willy Wonka prequel


I hated musicals as a kid, so the beginning of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory bored me to tears, but it was still my favourite movie. When the magical first chords of “Pure Imagination” started playing and the kids explored a room made entirely out of candy, I was in heaven. Everything from the jelly bean trees to the head-sized licorice ropes to the weird gourds filled with jelly (of course Veruca Salt has terrible tastes) probably helped form my devotion to candy to this day. Now that Warner Bros. has announced an untitled Willy Wonka movie, that means even more candy, which is always a good thing.

Producer David Heyman confirmed to Collider that a prequel for the Roald Dahl character has started formulating.  The story would focus on the creation of his factory and the reason for his isolation, leading up to his decision to do the Golden Ticket contest. No one has even been cast yet, but Heyman expressed his hope that Paul King would assume the directorial role. King most recently directed Paddington 2, which Matthew really likes I guess, so the wait for this prequel may be long as Disney has him right now.

Now I’ll admit, this could be read as another eye-rolling unnecessary “origin story” film that not too many are clamouring for. On the flip-side, candy is awesome guys! Watching Willy Wonka let’s you indulge in a celebration of sweets, treats, and whimsy without any sugar crash. I am 1000% being blinded by nostalgia and corn syrup, but I don’t care. Bring on the candy man!

Exclusive: Producer David Heyman Confirms ‘Willy Wonka’ Movie Is a Prequel – [Collider]