Warner Bros. wants to make a “Space Odyssey”


No it’s not a rip-off of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, but rather “The Odyssey” by Homer. Yes, the same epic poem that follows Odysseus and his very long journey home after the fall of Troy is to be set in space. Warner Bros. has just hired James DiLapo, a screenwriter who won the Nicholl Fellowship for his first script Devils at Play, to adapt the poem into a futuristic tale.

Apparently, the concept of having a “Space Odyssey” was thought of before. Terry Dougas, producer at 1821 Pictures, is said to have pitched it at some point and Brad Pitt was attached to the project.

This should be an interesting project that Warner Bros. has on their hands. They do have a good basis for their adaptation seeing as “The Odyssey” has been adapted in some form or another many times before. But we’ll have to see if Warner Bros. can pull this one off well.

[via Slash Film]