Warners set to release The Wind from David Koepp


You can’t go about releasing a movie called The Wind without expecting idiots like me to make headlines like that. Warner Bros are giving it a big push, though, and The Wind in this case belongs to David Koepp, the writer responsible for Men In Black 3. Details of The Wind are being kept undercover, presumably letting them fester until someone unsettles the blanket and releases the pungent scent on unsuspecting nostrils. Wait, what was I talking about again?

All we do know is that the movie is supposedly set on a space colony. Something bad is sure to happen, and with sound not travelling through space, it seems some sort of silent but deadly situation will be unleashed. Nic Mathieu, previously a commercials director, will be cutting his cheese, sorry, teeth on the project. The source article informs us he won the job after making an impressive presentation of his Wind to the studio. There’s no set release for The Wind yet, but whenever it wafts into cinemas, it’s likely no-one will notice it at first, then act surprised and start blaming each other.

[via Hollywood Reporter]