Warning: A Serbian Film sees DVD release on Tuesday


Take heed folks, for the DVD/Blu Ray release of A Serbian Film is coming to stores this Tuesday. The same film that was responsible for a Spanish film festival being charged with exhibition of child pornography will soon be available for the masses to consume (legally). Beware of that friend who loves buying messed up movies and forces everyone who ever comes over to watch it in order to “test their merit”. And if you are that friend … Dude, relax.

For those curious about the hubbabaloo surrounding this film, know that it’s possibly one of the most twisted and perverse film I’ve ever seen. Granted, when I watched this with Adam Dork and Sean Walsh, we spent most of our time groaning and making dead baby jokes like sick depraved children, but nonetheless it is still one ‘effed up film. It’s not necessarily a good film, but it is an interesting note in the history of exploitive shock horror and should be watched if only for discussion.

Or you could read the wiki. Whatever.