Warren Beatty unretires after decade of dormancy


As one of celluloid culture’s longstanding icons, Warren Beatty will ever be remembered as the young breakout star of Bonnie & Clyde, but it’s always been my assessment that his finest performances occur when writing his own dialogue and directing entire feature films around himself. I can’t really blame the guy for losing some of his drive when the underrated Dick Tracy and Bulworth were embarrassed at the box office. The Oscar winner left his larger ambitions to appear in one final really dreadful comedy, Town & Country, before announcing his retirement altogether.

Now a full decade later, Warren Beatty is bored playing housewife to spouse Annette Bening. Paramount today announced his commitment to direct and star in a comedy that he miraculously found time to write between power walking sessions and Matlock marathons. While the script is yet untitled, we assume “comedy” doesn’t mean Dick Tracy, even though Beatty was declared the victor in the drawn out attempt to pry the film rights from his exclusive ownership.

[via Joblo]