Washington confirmed for Django, I shrug


In Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, the part of Broomhilda is one of a tormented slave who’s rescue becomes the catalyst for, well I’m not sure without a script, but I’ll wager Jamie Foxx will shoot people.

Long rumored for the part, Kerry Washington is now confirmed for Django‘s all-star Spaghetti Western cast, one that I have no interest in. See here’s the thing, I’m an unabashed fan of Tarantino’s work, even the more recent. While others cried about Kill Bill failing to stack up against Pulp Fiction, I created The House of Blue Leaves in The Sims and took eleven trips to the theater for reference. Back then, about two hundred dollars with popcorn.

So faith bestowed to Django, I’ve never been less impressed by a Quentin cast. Even moreso before Kevin Costner ducked out, it’s been a stunningly accurate roundup of celebrities overrated. I won’t name them all, but if the rumor of Gordon-Levitt has merit, I’m in danger of stroke. Now then, Kerry Washington. Where do you figure? As a non-value, my dear. With a resume that includes Ray and The Last King of Scotland, I admit the only movie of yours I’ve seen is Fantastic Four. You played the blind white girl.

[Via Deadline]