Watch a CGI-heavy special effects reel of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


While I wasn’t a fan of Zack Snyder’s cacophonous Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I do admire the VFX work put into the film. The craft of the visual effects artists is evident throughout, and this reel from Scanline VFX shows just how much CGI went into making the movie.

Check out the reel below.

I tend to prefer practical effects just given the physicality on screen–practical effects augmented by CG is great as well–but to make big-scale mayhem like a superhero face-punch-a-thon work, lots of CG tends to be the safest and most feasible way to go. Scanline’s extensive work is commendable, and I wouldn’t have been able to discern certain CG elements from the real thing without this video.

Some remarkable work was put into the effects, that can’t be denied. If only the same craft was in the screenplay.

[via The Playlist]
Hubert Vigilla
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