Watch a chilling trailer for Sundance horror sensation The Witch


This year’s Sundance Film Festival showcased two notable horror movies. One was Rodney Ascher’s sleep paralysis documentary The Nightmare, and the other was Robert Eggers’ 17th century period piece The Witch. Of the two, The Witch is the movie that garnered the biggest buzz.

A trailer for The Witch has just been released, and it leaves a really unnerving impression.

The Witch | Official Trailer HD | A24

If The Witch is even half as discomfiting as that trailer, it’ll be one hell of an experience. Seriously, what a great time for indie horror.

Here’s a synopsis from Zack Sharf at Indiewire:

The film centers on Puritanical Christians William (Ralph Ineson) and Katherine (Kate Dickey), who haul their five children to an isolated patch of wilderness in the hopes of living out an idyllic existence. But the space has an eerie quality from the outset, and it doesn’t take long for creepy occurrences to endanger their cozy setup, particularly those revolving around their blonde teenage daughter (Anya Taylor-Joy).

The Witch will come out some time in 2016. (Bummer, right? I want to see this right now.) Since it’s playing at the Toronto Film Festival, I’m crossing my fingers that it gets added to the New York Film Festival’s programming or plays as part of The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Scary Movies series in the fall.

Check out the poster for The Witch in the gallery.

[via IndieWire]
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