Watch a clip from new Mickey Mouse cartoon Get A Horse!

Mickey Short "Get a Horse" clip | OFFICIAL Disney HD

Get A Horse! is the Disney short film that has been playing before Disney’s newest feature-length movie, Frozen, in theaters. Directed by Lauren MacMullan, Get A Horse! is a hand-drawn homage to classic Mickey Mouse cartoons, with remastered sound effects, including Walt Disney’s own voice as Mickey and other original voice actors.

Get A Horse! also plays before Frozen in theaters in 3D, making an interesting juxtaposition of old and new techniques and technologies in a short film on the big screen. Get A Horse! is also notable because MacMullan is the first woman to direct a Disney movie by herself, short or feature-length. Watching the above clip, it almost seems unbelievable that this short was made in 2013, everything about it fits so perfectly with the Disney cartoons from eras gone by. From the constant, wacky motions of the characters to the jovial, flamboyant tone, every detail about Get A Horse! says classic Disney.

[via Youtube]