Watch an international TV spot for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft


Like Nick, I was underwhelmed by the first trailer for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft. A little too heavy on CG and uncanny valley-ness, my overall impression was, “Oh, look, it’s Generic Fantasy Film: The Movie.” (As Rian Johnson joked to Duncan Jones on Twitter: “I am so curious to see how you squeezed a fourth movie out of The Hobbit.”)

This international TV spot for Warcraft is a bit better, however. Give it a watch below.

Jones is a fine filmmaker, which is the one thing that’s keeping me semi-interested in the film. If he wasn’t involved, my interest in a Warcraft movie would be super-low.

I’ve been seeing various arguments online about the special effects in Warcraft as seen in the trailer. Some suggest that the movie’s CG will get some extra polish before its release next summer, while other are claiming that the effects are all done and will hit the big screen as-seen since Warcraft was supposed to be released this December. (Some indie movie called The Force Awakens made Universal reconsider its release plans.)

According to this International Business Times piece from May 2015, the film had completed the vast majority of its 1,000+ VFX shots, with only 50 more left to do. If the effects were finished over the summer of 2015, the work seen in the trailer and TV spots may not be getting tweaked/refined again for summer 2016.

I’ll be looking into the effects-done/effects-still-in-progress debate as more info becomes available. Warcraft will be out June 10, 2016.

[via First Showing]

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