Watch an It trailer parody featuring Mike Myers’ Cat in the Hat as Pennywise


Even though we were skeptical and mockingly dismissive about the look of the new Pennywise, we can’t deny that the trailer for the 2017 It adaptation is frightening and well done. It’s racked up 22.9 million views on YouTube since March 29th. In fact, the trailer set an international record. In the first 24 hours online, an estimated 197 million people around the world watched the It trailer.

For scale, that’s more people than the entire population of Nigeria, the 7th most populace country in the world.

On April Fool’s Day, Dom Harkin (who runs the YouTube channel But Without) released a parody trailer of It featuring clips from the Mike Myers travesty The Cat in the Hat. It’s hilarious. And terrifying.

Watch the parody trailer below.

Consider the parody trailer above a natural follow up to another But Without creation. (Because parody trailers can have sequels, pseudo-sequels, or spiritual successors, darn it.)

In late February, the channel also made a trailer for The Cat in the Hat as a horror movie. It’s just as goofily effective.

Check that out below.

It comes out on September 8th.

As of press time, a Nigerian release date for It has yet to be announced.

[But Without on YouTube via Heat Vision/THR]
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