Watch dinosaurs talk in a new trailer for The Good Dinosaur


In true Pixar fashion, the closer we get to the release of one of their new films, the more specific details we start to see in the trailers. While many early trailers for The Good Dinosaur showed off awe-inspiring shots of nature more than anything else, this new international trailer released to day actually gives us a bit more of the story in action.

On top of that, we get to hear some of the dinosaurs talking in the trailer for the first time with Raymond Ochoa as main character Arlo and Sam Elliot as a gigantic t-rex.

The Good Dinosaur looks pretty good so far, but personally, I think there was a missed opportunity here for Pixar to take a swing at the silent movie once more after the criminally underrated first act of WALL-E. Either way, I know I’ll be going to see this one this holiday and probably still end up crying as much as I did during Inside Out.

The Good Dinosaur releases this Fall on November 25th.

The Good Dinosaur - El viaje de Arlo | official international trailer #2 ES (2015) Disney Pixar