Watch Jason Segel and Kermit beg Amy Adams to co-star


Ever since watching Freaks and Geeks (over and over again), I can’t help but think of Jason Segel as a really creepy teenager no matter what role he’s in. There’s just something about his face, you know? I mean, I still like him, and it’s nice to see him in things, but there’s just something about that face. Of course, this comparison isn’t helped in this video very much. Remember Lady L? Because you probably will start thinking about it after this.

Creepiness aside, this is a cute video, and it has Kermit! Hooray for Kermit! Interestingly, Amy Adams is invited to be a “small-town mechanic,” but her character in the movie is a teacher. It’s always fun to catch rewrites.

[Collider, via Deadline]