Watch Johnny Depp as vulgar d-bag Donald Trump in The Art of the Deal: The Movie


This is a pleasant surprise. Funny or Die just dropped The Art of the Deal: The Movie, a 50-minute mockumentary that lampoons Donald Trump’s general douchebaggery. Starring Johnny Depp as The Donald, the parody also features Ron Howard, Patton Oswalt, Henry Wrinkler, Christopher Lloyd, Aldred Molina, Kristen Schaal, and many more.

Give it a watch below.

Yup, spot on.

Trump’s win last night in the New Hampshire primary was to be expected given the polls, but it emphasizes the underlying ugliness of his political rise. Trump is a good old-fashioned American demagogue, sure, but he’s also the US equivalent to those ugly right-wing nationalist movements springing up through Europe (e.g. The National Front).

At least we can mock these jerks relentlessly. They deserve our luxurious derision.

[via Funny or Die]

Hubert Vigilla
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