Watch “No Plan” by David Bowie: New song, music video, EP on his 70th birthday


David Bowie’s death last year was so sudden and unexpected. He’d been battling cancer bravely and quietly for 18 months. Just days before he passed, he released Blackstar on his 69th birthday. That was a year ago today, and on first listen, not knowing Bowie was about to die, I could’ve sworn it marked a late-career creative surge that would last a long while.

There’s new David Bowie music out now on what would have been his 70th birthday. The four-song EP is titled No Plan, and was recorded during the sessions that would make the album Blackstar.

You can watch the music video for the title track below. Elegiac and quite touching, the video was directed by Tom Hingston, who also directed the video for Bowie’s “I’d Rather Be High” from the excellent 2013 album The Next Day.

David Bowie - No Plan (Video)

Happy birthday, David Bowie. We miss you.

[via Spin]

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