Watch Ryan Scafuro’s Election Night, a short documentary about America’s long evening


Inauguration Day is this week. It’s also my birthday on Inauguration Day. If you’ve seen some of my previous film and TV-related posts about Donald Trump on this site, you probably know how I feel about this. It’s a glum and heavy feeling that I’ve been carrying with me since election night last November. What a strange, strange time to be alive.

Filmmaker Ryan Scafuro was in the UK last November, and he captured that day’s hope, fear, disappointment, and numbness in his short documentary Election Night. The eight-minute film premiered today over at Short of the Week. You can give it a watch below.

It’s fascinating to witness the entire tone of that pub change. Once there was optimism, then there was deflation and disbelief; both of the latter linger without leaving like some awful fog. It’s not a be-all or end-all statement on election night, but it’s a chronicle of moods that many are still dealing with. We’re days away from a new President of the United States, and I sense a lot of this country and the population overseas continue to be stuck with that uncertain feeling captured at the end of this film.

It’s morning in America, and it’s raining.

If Scafuro’s name sounds a bit familiar, he was the producer and director of photography on the excellent strong man documentary Bending Steel, directed by Dave Carroll. Both Scafuro and Carroll have also worked on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

How was your election night? How are you feeling now?

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[via Short of the Week]
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