Watch Skyfall’s opening credits without the credits


Bond film’s opening credits are things of legend. Maurice Binder, the man behind all of them up until his death in 1991, not only made them iconic, but actually pushed film technology forward when creating them. As the art of credit sequences slowly dies thanks to more and more films shoving them at the end of the movie there’s Bond, and especially Skyfall, is a testament to what a good opening credit do for a film. It also helps to have Adele’s souring vocals backing you up.

Daniel Kleinman took over the reins for the series after Binder and has produced some stellar (and some not so stellar) opening credit sequences for the films. Skyfall might be his best artistically, though it’s not quite as much fun as GoldenEye‘s bevy of naked women destroying symbols of Soviet Russia or as clever as Casino Royale‘s striking sequence. The opening definitely sports the most Bond we’ve seen in a title sequence in a while and foreshadows both Bond’s character and the film’s story wonderfully. It helps set up Bond’s inner struggle in the film wonderfully, and easily trumps Quantum of Solaces‘s lackluster opening (not done by Kleinman). 

What’s your favorite Bond opening sequence?

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Matthew Razak
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