Watch some spooky VHS tapes online this Halloween… no, seriously


Shout Factory, purveyor of fine video good that everyone but us super-nerds forgot about, has rolled out an unusually awesome and hilarious treat for horror fans this Halloween. The video company has just rolled out a site called VHS Vault, a spinoff of their own video streaming service, Shout Factory TV.

The hook of VHS Vault? All the movies are uploaded in a glorious lo-fi VHS quality. That’s right, with the warping, tracking lines, and warbly audio you remember. Plus an awesome Geocities-esque website as the main hub. In celebration of Halloween, five campy VHS horror classics are up on the site now; Sleepaway Camp, Night of the Demons, Day of the Dead, Class of 1984 (starring Michael J. Fox), Exterminators of the Year 3000, and Adjust Your Tracking, a new documentary about the fine art of VHS collecting.

This is certainly the kind of stint that lovers of schlock and underground cinema would really appreciate and I know I sure as hell do. It makes me wonder if an entire site of random VHS nuggets would do well as an actual service, especially if Shout TV was behind it.

In the meantime, gather some friends for a sleepover, crack open some bottles of Surge, and eat some dry handfuls of Boo Berry and get ready to celebrate Halloween in style– the exact same way you probably did in middle school.

The VHS Vault Promo