Watch Stephen Colbert moderate a Donald Trump vs. Donald Trump debate


This year’s presidential primaries have been fascinating and occasionally terrifying if you’re a political junkie like me, especially watching the rise of unbridled derp on the Republican side. If you’ve been following the lead up to the Iowa caucuses, you know that Donald Trump decided to skip last night’s Republican debate because Megyn Kelly and Fox News were mean to him.

(That’s what we need in an American president: a massive yet fragile ego and thin skin, just like Eric Cartman from South Park. Also, awful hair.)

To rectify the situation, Stephen Colbert decided to hold a Donald Trump vs. Donald Trump debate last night on The Late Show. You can check it out below.

Stephen Moderates An All-Trump Debate

This is some classic Colbert Report-style work that shows how flip-floppy and disingenuous Trump is at his core. But hey, his supporters don’t care about that. He’s still the frontrunner for the Republican party right now.

The Iowa caucuses are on February 1st. That should make for an insane night of television. 

[via Salon]

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