Watch the Cabin Fever remake trailer, which looks just like the Eli Roth original


In 2002, Eli Roth launched his career with Cabin Fever. Now, 13-14 years later, we have a remake of Cabin Fever that looks a lot like, well, Cabin Fever.

Give the Cabin Fever remake a look below.

CABIN FEVER Official Trailer (2016) Eli Roth Horror Remake Movie HD

While Peter Jackson hyped the movie many years ago, I’ve always felt that Cabin Fever was overrated. It’s homage-y, sure, but it never really made an impression. By the end, I wondered what all the hype was about.

Numerous sources say that the Cabin Fever remake is basically reshooting the same script that Eli Roth used for the original film, which makes this remake feel even less worth seeing. Why would fans of the original Cabin Fever want to see an updated version of essentially the same film when they enjoyed the first one just fine?

The Cabin Fever remake comes out on February 12th in limited release.

Is anyone interested in this?

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