Watch the final Kong: Skull Island trailer for sweet giant monkey action


With King Kong and Godzilla set to fight in 2020, Kong: Skull Island has to do quite a bit to set up Kong as a threat to to not only Godzilla, but nature itself. With this final trailer for the upcoming reboot/prequel, we’re given a look at the new Kong’s scale. It’s pretty impressive, but I’m not quite sure about the tone of the trailer itself. 

Like the first trailer, this one doesn’t hit as hard as I want it to. Choosing to highlight John C. Reilly’s quips (and showing off its impressive cast), Kong isn’t as kingly as he should be. But at the same time, I kinda dig all the goofy stuff. Kong: Skull Island could be intentionally aiming for a nostalgic B movie vibe, complete with lizard skeleton monsters. 

Kong: Skull Island releases March 10th. 

BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE - Kong: Skull Island Trailer