Watch the first 4 minutes of Ash vs Evil Dead


Listen up, you primitive screwheads! Ash vs Evil Dead premieres this week, and you can now watch the first four minutes of the first episode online.

This first episode was directed by Sam Raimi, and it catches the audience up with what Ash has been doing since Army of Darkness. Check it out below.

Sugar given.

If you’re interested in Ash vs Evil Dead, be sure to check back with us throughout the week. During New York Comic Con, Flixist had a chance to do roundtable interviews with the cast and crew of Ash vs Evil Dead.

Check back later today for an interview with Ash vs Evil Dead special effects and makeup designer Roger Murray. Come back to Flixist for additional interviews with Evil Dead newcomers Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, and Jill Marie Jones, Ash vs Evil Dead showrunner Craig DiGregorio, the one and only Lucy Lawless, director Sam Raimi, and, the Man himself, Bruce Campbell.

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