Watch the first production video diary from The Hobbit


The best part about Peter Jackson’s King Kong was the series of video diaries he made on the entire production process, and from the looks of this, The Hobbit is going to give those diaries a run for their money. This particular video diary, posted from Video Art Studio’s Youtube Channel, has Peter Jackson showing us through some of the pre-production stuff like making props, training fighters and horseback riders, 3D modelling, and all the rest of that awesome pre-production stuff, and it goes right up to the first couple days of production.

Also, I love getting to see actors rehearsing and blocking, especially in the movies. It’s a side of the pre-production scene that you really don’t see too often in DVD extras, aside from a few pickup shots. It just tickles me. Anyway, this is awesome. Also, you get to see Sir Ian McKellan being…Sir Ian McKellan, which is always delightful. Watch it, dorks.