Watch the first ten minutes of The FP. Revel in the WTF.


In case you’ve forgotten, The FP is the film where Mad Max-style gangs solve their problems with Beat Beat Revelation, which is Dance Dance Revolution in “don’t sue us” language. It looks ridiculous and wacky and, more importantly, it looks like it takes itself about as seriously as not in the slightest at all. I’m so stupidly looking forward to this picture, it’s just bananas. It’s like someone took The Warriors, got it all hopped up on wacky tobaccy and goofballs, wrapped it up in a carpet, and rolled it down the street during Burning Man. I’m pretty sure someone’s wearing a Confederate army hat in the group shots. Why? Why not! Check it out and see if this is something for you.

We’re going to have a review of The FP up sometime next week.