Watch the first trailer for Logan featuring Hugh Jackman as a badass old Wolverine


For Hugh Jackman’s final film as Wolverine, they’re going old man Logan on us. And here we have our first trailer for Logan, which is full of equal parts badassery and pathos. Wolverine meets The Road and The Last of Us?

Oh hells yes.

Check out the Logan trailer below.

Logan | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Real talk: I get a little misty every time I hear Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”.

This movie looks exceptional, and a great change in direction from the usual superhero schlock we see all the damn time. There’s the vibe of a gristled, post-apocalyptic, futuristic western by way of a comic book. It’s all dire and old, and it may a great sendoff for Jackman in the role that made him a star.

I’m all about this, guys.

Logan comes out March 3, 2017.

Hubert Vigilla
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