Watch the hard work it takes to make Paranorman look good


I am unabashedly supportive of Laika’s Paranorman. When it comes out in three weeks (August 17th!), I’m wrangling up a huge group of people to see it with me. To further prove that Paranorman will be the greatest thing since toasted bread, here’s a behind the scenes video that explains why each trailer looks so damn cool and smooth as it delves into the extreme amount of time and effort Laika (the same wonderful people who made the terrific Coraline) puts in every single scene.

Look at all. Them. Details. Tiny little working lights and vending machines? Pure genius. With my giant hands of pure clumsiness, I couldn’t even dream of crafting something so amazing. 

I better stop writing because I could honestly gush on about this two minute video forever. Everyone should go see Paranorman on August 17th. It’s the only way Laika can get the credit they truly deserve.