Watch The Karate Kid in rehearsal style


This is pretty much one of the coolest things never put on a DVD ever. See, back in the day before anyone knew that The Crane was the greatest karate move in the world John G. Alvidsen was just putting together a little movie about a kid who learns karate from a wise old man. But story arches as complicated as that are hard to explain so Alvidsen had the entire cast act out the whole movie while he filmed it. Then he made a really, really, really rough cut of it and used it to help his actors act better.

In the 80s this would have been something that was never seen again, but now the internet makes sure that anything ever made can be viewed and so we have the entire film on YouTube for our viewing pleasure. You may notice that this was posted over a year ago, but, like re-runs of NBC sitcoms in the 90s, if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you. Even more awesome? It appears that this is Alvidsen’s own account and he shares details on each video’s page.

See blow for links to the rest of the vids if you’ve got some time to kill.

[One Cool Thing a Day, via /Film]

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