Watch the trailer for a 1926 Great Gatsby silent film


Baz Luhrmann will be the newest director to try his hand at creating a cinematic adaptation of the classic American novel The Great Gatsby, but he definitely isn’t the first. Only one year after F. Scott Fitzgerald novel was published, The Great Gatsby was adapted into a silent film, which was based off of a stage adaptation of the novel – they moved quickly back in the 1920s!

The silent film itself has long since been lost, but somehow the original 1926 trailer for the silent film has survived and made its way to YouTube. According to legend the film was resoundly hated by critics and Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda reportedly hated the movie so much that they walked out. We’ll find out if Luhrman’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby will be more favored by critics when it comes to theaters May 10th.

[via /Film]