Watch the trailer for Logan recreated with LEGO


The trailer for Logan really impressed me. If Hugh Jackman’s last ride as Wolverine is a post-apocalyptic road movie western, I am all for that. Better it’s something distinctly non-X-Men-looking rather than some dumb, rote X-Men flick. (Of course, Ryan Reynolds wants a Deadpool/Wolverine film, so maybe Jackman will make an exception.)

While Logan is going to be an R-rated superhero film, here’s a take on Logan that’s the opposite of R-rated. Released on Christmas, a YouTuber known as thebrickranger put out a stop-motion animated LEGO version of the first Logan trailer.

Give the LEGO trailer recreation a watch below.

Logan - Official Trailer in LEGO

That turned out pretty darn good. Now given, this may be a testament to the effectiveness of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” cover, but there’s some solid stop-motion work there.

If you dug that Logan trailer, thebrickranger has way more stop-motion LEGO videos on his channel.

Now, if you can please excuse me, I must wipe my eyes and blow my nose and think about my relationship with my father after hearing that cover of “Hurt”.

[via thebrickranger on YouTube]
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