Watch the trailer for Man vs Snake, which may be this year’s King of Kong


King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters was highly entertaining (even though the filmmakers fudged a lot of the facts). Much of that was thanks to the clash of personalities between Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe and the obsessive world of high scores and classic arcade gaming.

Now we have Man vs Snake, which covers another arcade world record, this time for Nibbler. A man who scored 1 billion points is trying for glory again.

Give it a watch below.

MAN VS SNAKE | Official Trailer | FilmBuff

Yup, there’s Billy Mitchell and Walter Day. So begins the Twin Galaxies Cinematic Universe.

Here’s a synopsis for Man vs Snake.

MAN VS SNAKE tells the story of Tim McVey who, in 1984, on a single quarter (and over 44 hours of non-stop play) was the first person in history to score over one billion points on a video game. 25 years later, rumors of a higher score surface online, attributed to Italian kickboxing champion Enrico Zanetti. This calls into question everything Tim McVey has believed for decades and forces him to make a decision: either set a new world record, or risk losing his legacy forever.

If you ever played the game “Snake” on your early model Nokia cellphone, then you’re familiar with “Nibbler,” the original “snake” game.

Man vs Snake will be out on various VOD platforms on June 24th. You can also catch the movie at select screenings in the coming months. For more information, visit

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