Watch the trailer for Mikhail Red’s Filipino thriller Birdshot


The second film from Filipino director Mikhail Red, Birdshot looks like a solid, stylish thriller. The film played at the Tokyo International Film Festival back in late October/early November, where it won the Asian Future Best Film Award.

While the trailer for the movie has been online since September, the people over at Screen Anarchy highlighted the movie a few days ago, and it looks like something worth a look. Check out the trailer for Birdshot below.

Birdshot - Official Trailer

Here’s a brief official synopsis for Birdshot:

BIRDSHOT is a mystery-drama film that tells the story of a young Filipina farm girl who wanders into the boundaries of a Philippine reservation forest. Deep within the reservation she mistakenly shoots and kills a critically endangered and protected Philippine Eagle. As the local authorities begin a manhunt to track down the poacher of a national bird, their investigation leads them to an even more horrific discovery.

No word yet on a US release, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for this if it makes the stateside festival circuit. Could be pretty interesting. Check out the Tokyo International Film Festival poster below.

[via Screen Anarchy]

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