Watch the US trailers for Makoto Shinkai’s anime mega-hit Your Name


Despite some of my qualms about its second half, Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name was a good coming-of-age body swap film with an undeniable teenage earnestness. It’s a major anime mega-hit in Japan. Not only was it Japan’s biggest moneymaker of 2016, it beat Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away as a top domestic box office hit of all time.

FUNimation recently released official American trailers for the film, which should give you a sense of what to expect.

Here’s the Japanese-language trailer with English subtitles first.

Your Name. | Trailer (Subtitled)

And here’s the English-dubbed version of the same trailer. They even translated the lyrics to the song from the Japanese trailer.

Your Name. | Trailer (Dubbed)

Not sure how I feel about the English dub, though I suppose that’s how I generally feel about dubbing. Regardless, I have the same issue both versions of the trailer: the dialogue and the song lyrics jumble into gibberish in the audio mix.

FUNimation may be trying to maximize Your Name‘s box office take once it hits US theaters by releasing both dubbed and subbed versions of the film. If Your Name performs well stateside, it may dethrone Spirited Away as the highest grossing anime of all time.

Your Name comes out in the United States on April 7th.

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