Watching this trailer for The Purge: Election Day is not a crime


What started out as an ironic love of The Purge‘s premise (#CrimeDay, the holiest of holidays) quickly grew into an honest joy when The Purge: Anarchy completely reinvented itself. Taking full advantage of all the chaos 12 hours of legal crime allows, Anarchy amped up everything by turning into a politically charged B movie full of kooky action. Since everyone involved with the film realized that worked super well, they’re at it again with The Purge: Election Year. 

The third film in the series sees Frank Grillo’s Leo two years after the events of the last film. Now he’s head of security for a senator who’s trying to put a stop to #CrimeDay completely, but, after some unfortunate mixups, now must keep her safe as everyone everywhere tries to assassinate her during this year’s crime-o-rama.

I’m absolutely sold. More politics (which seem even more apt for B-movie parody considering our situation now), crazier masks (that statue of liberty one is the poster child for a reason), and we’re getting even more zany murderers and crooks. It’s gonna be a good time. 

The Purge: Election Year releases July 4th. God bless crime. 

The Purge: Election Year - Official Trailer (HD)