Watchman writer to take on Gran Turismo


What do you do with an insanely popular game that has almost no plot and sells itself on its ability to look like the best car porn in the world? You make a movie out of it! We’ve been hearing murmurs about the Gran Turismo film for a bit now, but with Alex Tse, writer of Watchmen, coming on board to pen the screenplay it looks like the ball is finally rolling.

So how do you make a game about nothing into a film with a plot? You base it on reality! According to the film’s producer the plot is all about the GT Academy, which took people who played the game and turned them into real race car drivers. Obviously plenty of liberties will be taken with the story since the two winners of GT Academy aren’t world champions of all racing ever and most likely the characters in the film will become that… one of them will probably die too. Can’t have a racing movie without a tragic car crash.

[via Heat Vision and Collider]

Matthew Razak
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