Way of the Househusband live-action film gets its first trailer


The official Twitter account for Gokushufudo, aka Way of the Househusband, has uploaded a brand new trailer for the live-action film that is currently in production. Titled Gokushufudo: The Cinema, it will follow the continued shenanigans of Tatsu and his family as they attempt to live a normal, civilian life after having spent years in the yakuza.

For those unaware, the manga series Way of the Househusband is one of the most insane and hilarious reads you can find. A slice of life series played through the eyes of an ex-yakuza trying to go straight, it amassed a cult-following that quickly propelled it to fame and a live-action drama series in Japan. Soon after, Netflix picked up the rights for an anime adaptation, and…things kind of went sour.

While the anime is merely okay, the live-action drama was absolutely incredible. One of the better manga adaptations around, it quickly became popular and is often praised for being more developed than its manga counterpart. Not only that, but the endlessly charismatic Hiroshi Tamaki played the main character, Tatsu, with glorious aplomb. It’s absolutely worth a watch if you’re a fan of yakuza-related material or even Sega’s series of the same name.

The cast of the live-action show will be returning for the film, which currently has a vague summer 2022 release date. There is no word on whether or not this film will come stateside, but considering that the series only exists with unofficial fan translations, I’m going to say no. It would definitely behoove Netflix to pick up the international rights and stream this, especially since the drama is magnificent.

Source: Twitter, YouTube

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