WB decides on Dark Tower in two weeks, Crowe attached


After reading through the entire Dark Tower series because I thought that it was actually, finally going to be made into a movie/TV series I was pretty much crushed when production halted. But never keep a rambling, all-over-the-place epic down as we’ve got new news on whatever the project turns out to be. First off is that Russell Crowe is in talks to play the books’ protagonist, gunslinger Roland Deschain.

But wait, you ask. Wasn’t the whole thing pretty much DOA? Not quite. The property moved over to Warner Bros. after Universal dropped it and they’re going to decide in two weeks if they’re going to do anything with it. This has been triggered by a new screenplay turned in and Crowe’s involvement with the film. He definitely brings a name to the project (though it’s had plenty of names before and not got off the ground).

As far as the project itself goes, WB is still looking to have Ron Howard direct and the idea is still to make the series into three movies and two limited-run TV shows. As far as Crow goes, he doesn’t quite fit the bill for Roland, but he’s done cowboy before and if the trailer for Man with the Iron Fists is any indication he still has it.

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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