WB interested in Casablanca 2, incites global facepalming


A long-standing joke about creatively soulless Hollywood executives has a young buck standing up and proposing a sequel to the 1942 Humphrey Bogart/Ingrid Bergman classic, Casablanca. Inevitably, that joke is now threatening to come true, with perhaps the only surprise being that it has taken this long to happen. WB are reportedly circling a treatment by original co-writer Howard Koch, written back in 1980.

Titled Return To Casablanca (I’d have called it Super Casablanca myself, or Casablanca 64, but there you go), it follows Rick and Ilsa’s son – so yeah, that happened – in 1961 as he tries to find out more about his father (watch the movie, maybe?) and team up with an Arab woman called Joan in a hunt for ‘Nazi outlaws’, or something. You can find further details at the linked New York Post article, but I warn you: it doesn’t get any better. Even after seventy years, stupid is still stupid. At least it’s not called Play It Again, Sam, but I bet someone considered it.

[via New York Post]